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Aleit's Stash

In the spirit of the challenge and putting off homework, I reorganized my stash so I could take good stock of what I have and figure out what I would do with it.

Naturally there are tons of things I can do with my white linen. I have ruffs, cuffs, cauls, partlets, and smocks planned. No one needs to see pictures of white linen.

Dupioni Silk Petticoat.
this was going to be a 1520's German, but I decided to make a petticote instead. Honestly I have enough for one whole dress, but. .  . I think I need a silk petticoat instead.

Shot Taffeta Silk Corset
My favorite silk store was going out of business, so I purchased this taffeta. If I recall correctly, I have enough for two corsets.

Shot Taffeta Silk 1520's German.
When I grow a pair, I'll cut that dress out.

Wool Damask loose gown/ropa that will be lined with a silk/cotton blend
I've had this wool since 2006. Thankfully the silk/cotton hasn't been in my possession that long. I like the color combination.

Wool Elizabethan Jacket
This wool used to be Bad Dutch Dress #2. When I took that dress apart, I kept most of the wool. I have enough to make into a late period Jacket. I didn't take any pictures of my lining fabric, but trust me, I have a bunch of linen scraps that are perfect for lining clothing with. It's green. My camera hates greens.

I also want to do a jacket with this cream wool.

Wool 1590's German
I got a copy of Textiler Hausrat and the pictures. . . oh the pictures. The project could change between now and next November, which is when I plan on making the dress. It's a purple fudge color.

Wool Dutch Market Dress
I got cranky and stopped making these, but I have new theories now.
Somehow I don't have a picture of the rust colored wool.

Linen Kirtle

Linen Kirtle
This is a redo. I am going to have to piece the bodice, but the rest of it is already done.



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